Jewish Interest

Camp Shatila

by Peter Mortimer

Travel writer Peter Mortimer reports on Shatila, the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon – scene of the Shatila massacre of 1982, now home t …

Available (Published: September 2009)
ISBN: 9781905512805


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The Chaste Wife

by Elia R. Karmona

A rare translation from a forgotten language and culture Ladino is a Romantic language derived from Old Spanish. As a Jewish language, it is …

Available (Published: February 2009)
ISBN: 9781905512669


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Can I Bring my own Gun?

by Seth Freedman

“Seth Freedman bring(s) the real lives of the people behind the headlines into sharp focus. Curious and opinionated… prepared to go where no …

Available (Published: January 2009)
ISBN: 9781905512645


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The World is a Wedding

by Bernard Kops

A welcome re-issue of Bernard Kops’ autobiography of his early years in London’s East End through to his emergence as a major writer in Soho …

Available (Published: December 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512331


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Secret Judaism and the Spanish Inquisition

by Michael Alpert

From the end of the fifteenth century until the 18th century Spanish Jews carried on Jewish practices in the shadow of the Inquisition. Thos …

Available (Published: February 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512294


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by Frederic Raphael

In 1942, an unseaworthy ship crammed with refugees bound for Palestine sinks, the result of British and Turkish officialdom. Jacob Lindmann, …

Out of print (Originally published: February 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512010


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Jews & Sex

edited by Nathan Abrams

“Go forth and multiply” was the fist commandment in the Bible. From King David to (porn star) Ron Jeremy, Jews have taken an interest in sex …

Available (Published: February 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512348


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Reporting from Palestine (1943-44)

by Barbara Board

Reporting from Palestine is a unique book. Barbara Board (1915-1986) was a rare woman foreign correspondent, from the age of 20 she reported …

Available (Published: February 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512324


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If Salt Has Memory: Jewish Exiled Writers

by Jennifer Langer

If Salt Has Memory comprises essays, memoir and fiction by Jewish writers in exile from many lands – contributors include the former leader …

Out of print (Originally published: February 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512362


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The Hiding Room

by Jonathan Wilson

The Hiding Room moves between Cairo and British Mandate Palestine in 1941, and Israel of 1991. In 1941 a reserved English officer falls for …

Available (Published: January 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512300


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