Short Stories

Two Short Stories

by DH Lawrence

The Prussian Officer and Other Stories, DH Lawrence’s first collection of short stories, was published in England in 1914 and in the USA in …

Available (Published: March 2022)
ISBN: 9781910170922


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Going Down Slow and other stories

by John Harvey

Going Down Slow includes seven short stories, two of which feature Charlie Resnick and three feature Jack Kiley. This limited edition hardba …

Available (Published: November 2017)
ISBN: 9781910170441


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Ship of Fools: Short Stories from the Mental Health Front Line

by Rod Madocks

“It’s not the patients you should worry about. It’s the staff you should watch out for. ” Ship of Fools comprises twenty short stories, one …

Available (Published: April 2013)
ISBN: 9781907869778


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Spokes: Stories from the Romany World

by Janna Eliot

A scarlet wheel on a blue and green flag, bright against the grey sky. Gisela leaned against the stone balustrade, tired after the journey. …

Available (Published: July 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512478


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In The Frame

edited by Rowena Edlin-White

In the Frame is one of a set of anthologies being published to celebrate the tenth birthday of Five Leaves Publications. The thirteen storie …

Available (Published: May 2006)
ISBN: 9781905512096


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Sunday Night and Monday Morning

by James Urquhart

Sunday Night and Monday Morning features new short stories by 16 writers born or living in Nottinghamshire. All contributors are published b …

Available (Published: November 2005)
ISBN: 9780907123521


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A Year of Two Summers

by Shaun Levin

A Year of Two Summers comprises a – roughly chronological – series of short stories starting with adolescent sex in South Africa, to suppres …

Out of print (Originally published: October 2005)
ISBN: 9780907123712


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False Relations

by Michelene Wandor

Michelene Wandor’s collection of short stories ranges from Biblical to modern, from Renaissance Italy to present day Israel, and from the po …

Available (Published: March 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123200


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How Do You Pronounce Nulliparous?

by Zoe Fairbairns

Zoë Fairbairns’ stories, set mainly in London and its more-or-less fashionable suburbs, occupy the spaces between words and actions, beliefs …

Available (Published: March 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123156


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Wild California

by Victoria Nelson

Victoria Nelson’s stories, set in her native California, and New Zealand, link vivid natural settings with characters caught up in events no …

Available (Published: March 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123842


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