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Five Leaves is a small publisher based in Nottingham, publishing 10-15 books a year. Our roots are radical and literary. These days our main areas of interest are social history, politics, poetry, Nottingham, London and cityscape.

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All books can be bought through our secure site (with a PayPal account or a credit/debit card). Our books are also available from bookshops, and of course, all are available at our own bookshop in Nottingham. If in London, you will find most of our books in stock at Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, five minutes from Kings Cross.

You can also order from us by phone on 0115 837 3097.

Our latest titles:

Byron Speaks Up for the Luddites

by Lord Byron

This pamphlet includes the full text of Lord Byron’s maiden speech in the House of Lords, alongside his Ode to the Framers of the Frame Bill …

Available (Published: December 2018)
ISBN: 9781910170595


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Curious King’s Cross

by Andrew Whitehead

Sex, pubs and rock’n’roll – King’s Cross has it all, and so much more … from a fish-and-chip shop once bugged by MI5 to London’s most endu …

Available (Published: November 2018)
ISBN: 9781910170564


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Minnie Lansbury: Suffragette, Socialist, Rebel Councillor

by Janine Booth

This is a story of a remarkable young woman who became a popular champion and whose tragically early death broke the hearts of her family, f …

Available (Published: November 2018)
ISBN: 9781910170557


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by Zoe Fairbairns

It is summer… a heat wave… tense, uneasy days in the city. There are ominous signs of political turbulence in the dying years of the twe …

Available (Published: June 2018)
ISBN: 9781910170571


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A Brief History of Whistling

by Allan Chatburn, John Lucas

Whistling has been used for work, entertainment, self-expression and communication, including secret communication. The authors were inspire …

Available (Published: March 2018)
ISBN: 9781907869990


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Destroying the Baby in Themselves – Why the two boys killed James Bulger

by David Jackson

That blurred, foggy frame of the security video has become engraved on the public conscience. We can never know the whole truth of what foll …

Available (Published: February 2018)
ISBN: 9781910170533


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Forthcoming titles

Welcome to the Cheap Seats: Silver Screen Portrayals of the British Working Class

by Andrew Graves

A fascinating trip around the side streets and back to backs of working class cinema, exploring the British New Wave kitchen sink dramas of …

Forthcoming (Due: July 2019)
ISBN: 9781910170625


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So We Live: The Novels of Alexander Baron

edited by Andrew Whitehead, Ken Worpole, Susie Thomas

The novelist Alexander Baron (1917-1999) was born into a working class Jewish home in Hackney, joined the Communist Party as a young man, sa …

Forthcoming (Due: June 2019)
ISBN: 9781910170618


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Unorthodox: LGBT+ Identity and Faith

edited by Sean Richardson

In modern Britain, what does it mean to be queer and religious? Unorthodox tells the stories of LGBT+ people of faith throughout the country …

Forthcoming (Due: July 2019)
ISBN: 9781910170601


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A Princess Comes to Our Town

by Rose Fyleman

Princess Finestra doesn’t want to marry the boring prince her mother and father, the Fairy King and Queen, have chosen for her. She wants to …

Forthcoming (Due: June 2019)
ISBN: 9781910170519


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Curious Golders Green

by Alan Dein

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Golders Green was not much more than a crossroads surrounded by fields. Then the Northern Line arrived …

Forthcoming (Due: November 2019)
ISBN: 9781910170311


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