Lawrence’s Muse: Jessie Chambers Wood through her own writing

edited by Clive Leivers

ISBN: 9781915434081

Format: Paperback, 72 pages,

Available (Published: July 2023)


Book details

Haggs Farm, the surrounding landscape and the Chambers family, especially Jessie, provided the models for much of D.H. Lawrence's early writing. This relationship and the influence on Lawrence are explored in the companion volume, Miriam’s Farm.

This publication illustrates the range of Jessie Chambers' own talents and interests as writer, artist, correspondent and pacifist through her letters, sketches and stories, along with assessments of her account of her friendship and falling out with Lawrence, A Personal Record. The contents shed new light on her beliefs, interests and relationships with friends and family.

About the Author

Clive Leivers was the Honorary President of the Haggs Farm Preservation Society, which was formed in March 1986 to encourage the preservation of the farm buildings and to reinforce the vital importance of Haggs Farm to the early formative years of D.H. Lawrence’s development as an internationally renowned writer.


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