Jewish Interest

Bernard Kops’ East End

by Bernard Kops

Bernard Kops is one of the best-known playwrights of his time. He achieved recognition with his first play The Hamlet of Stepney Green, whic …

Available (Published: October 2006)
ISBN: 9781905512119


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A Year of Two Summers

by Shaun Levin

A Year of Two Summers comprises a – roughly chronological – series of short stories starting with adolescent sex in South Africa, to suppres …

Out of print (Originally published: October 2005)
ISBN: 9780907123712


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For Generations: Jewish Motherhood

edited by Mandy Ross, Ronne Randall

Chicken soup goddess? Kvetch-monster? Or just a Jewish mother raising children in the real world? For Generations’ writers explore the exper …

Available (Published: February 2005)
ISBN: 9780907123644


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Tears of Honey and Gold

by Jacqueline Karp

In Jacqueline Karp’s first collection, Sudden Maraschinos, she brought together poems inspired by several Northern and East European countri …

Available (Published: December 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123552


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The London Years

by Rudolf Rocker

The London Years is the autobiography of a remarkable man and a window into a long-forgotten world. Rudolf Rocker was a German Catholic who …

Available (Published: November 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123309


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East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914

by William J Fishman

East End Jewish Radicals is essential reading for anyone interested in Victorian and Edwardian London or the history of the Jewish community …

Available (Published: October 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123453


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Choose Your Frog

by Harold Rosen

In these poems a lot is being said through animals, rather than just about them. There’s politics too, sometimes oblique, sometimes direct. …

Available (Published: August 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123354


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False Relations

by Michelene Wandor

Michelene Wandor’s collection of short stories ranges from Biblical to modern, from Renaissance Italy to present day Israel, and from the po …

Available (Published: March 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123200


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The Last Hour of Sleep

by Naomi Jaffa

The invigorating poems in The Last Hour of Sleep introduce a daughter, sister and woman awakening to her past and her present passions. With …

Available (Published: December 2003)
ISBN: 9780907123743


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Flood Warning

by Berta Freistadt

Flood Warning is about the melancholy and madness of love. It celebrates different aspects of woman, lover, child, friend and, in her most d …

Available (Published: December 2003)
ISBN: 9780907123941


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