Can I Bring my own Gun?

published with The Guardian

ISBN: 9781905512645

Format: Paperback, 240 pages,

Available (Published: January 2009)


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"Seth Freedman bring(s) the real lives of the people behind the headlines into sharp focus. Curious and opinionated… prepared to go where no other journalist ventures: into the Israeli settlements where lies the solution (or not) to the conflict." - Linda Grant, Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction

"Seth Freedman's blog from Jerusalem has become an instant must-read for those who follow this most intractable of conflicts. His mixture of close-up, eye-witness reporting and heartfelt polemic is intoxicating. He is one writer to watch." - Jonathan Freedland, Guardian journalist and novelist

Seth Freedman reports from the front line of Israel and Palestine, and behind the lines. As a former Israeli soldier reporting from the West Bank he is unique. From soldier to peace activist, this book follows the author’s journey.

Seth Freedman is a contracted journalist on the Guardian’s Comment is Free, his reports are followed, praised and condemned in equal measure, by tens of thousands of readers.

About the Author

Seth Freedman is a writer living in Jerusalem. He grew up in Hampstead Garden Suburb and worked in the City for six years, before moving to Israel. He served for fifteen months in a combat unit of the IDF, between 2004 and 2006, and has worked as a writer ever since. He writers for Current TV and First Post as well as The Guardian


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