Viking Leicestershire

Introduced by Judith Jesch

ISBN: 9781910170816

Format: Paperback, 90 pages,

B&W and colour photographs and maps throughout

Available (Published: November 2020)


Book details

Viking Leicestershire describes the county as it was throughout the Viking Age, through the various stages of Scandinavian settlement. It uses a range of historical evidence, including documents, place-names, artefacts and sculpture, to explore the impact and contribution the Scandinavian settlers made to the character and history of Leicestershire.

The book examines this era of history in a fresh light, reflecting trends in modern scholarship, focusing on cultural interaction and integration rather than a story of invasion, rape and pillage.

About the Author

Roderick Dale is an archaeologist and expert in Scandinavian history, old Norse language and literature, Viking Age warfare and the Vikings in popular culture. Roderick has worked with a number of authors as a historical consultant, and has appeared as an expert on Time Team. Judith Jesch is Professor of Viking Studies at the University of Nottingham and Director of the Centre for the Study of the Viking Age. She is Chair of the international Runic Advisory Group and President of the English Place-name Society.


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