Things to Say

ISBN: 9781905512928

Format: Paperback, 76 pages,

Available (Published: June 2010)


Book details

A modern poet who, something of a rarity, talks about class and politics as well as love and art, John Lucas’ craft has been developed over the past five decades.

John Lucas’ ninth full collection of poetry begins with a long poem echoing Auden’s 'Letter to Lord Byron', and discusses love, art, politics, social class and the industrial midlands. He then moves on to wars, ancient and modern, concluding with Lucas’ alter-ego, Thorn Gruin, moaning pitifully as always.

“Lucas is a first rate craftsman.”

Of his previous work, Ambit spoke of “the deep humanity running through the book… and a happy determination to get to grips with the messiness of everyday life.”

About the Author

John Lucas is a major modern poet who has written for all the leading literary journals of the day, including London Review of Books, Poetry Review and the Times Literary Supplement. He was the poetry editor of the New Statesman for ten years. This is his ninth collection of poetry. He has also translated the Everyman Classic Egils Saga. His 92 Achernon Street won the Authors Club Dolman Prize for Travel Writing.


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