The Mentalist

ISBN: 9781905512263

Format: Paperback, 70 pages,

Available (Published: September 2007)


Book details

Enthusiasts call Harry Gysel a psychic. To others he is a fraud, a meddler in the occult. When he appears to predict the death of a woman in the audience of one of his shows and that woman is subsequently found murdered, Harry becomes an instant celebrity. But Chief Inspector Morgan isn’t so easily convinced.

"You’ve come here to find the truth", says Harry Gysel to the audience, but the truth is not so easy to find…

About the Author

Rod Duncan is the author of a trilogy of novels based around a fictional riot in contemporary inner-city Leicester. Backlash, Breakbeat and Burnout.Backlash was shortlisted for the John Creasey award for the best debut crime novel of the year.

Praise for Rod Duncan's previous trilogy:

"Sheer page-turning compulsion" - Martyn Waites

"(this) pacy tale of life in the inner city shows that modern British crime fiction is alive and kicking over the traces" - Birmingham Post

"A thriller which has the reader gripped from the opening" - Leicester Mercury

"Separate but interlinked stories are played out where good and bad are never clearly defined and each chapter ends on a cliffhanger urging you to read on." - Big Issue


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