The Golem Of Old Prague

Illustrated by Brian Simons

ISBN: 9781905512409

Format: Paperback, 360 pages,

Available (Published: October 2010)


Book details

Times were dangerous for the Jews of Old Prague. Rabbi Loeb needed help to save people from his enemies. Out of mud he fashioned a Golem, a creature of great strength who could perform impossible tasks, but could also cause disaster if the he got out of control. The Golem tales are as mysteriously eerie as the streets were in the old Prague ghetto, but the realism of the humour gives a reassuring earthiness

About the Author

Michael Rosen’s work for radio and television includes writing and presenting for BBC Radio 3 and 4 and for the BBC World Service, including the Treasure Islands, Best Words, Meridian Books and Word of Mouth programmes. He won a Sony Radio Gold Award for his series On Saying Goodbye. He is a prolific writer and a fellow of the English Association and the Royal Society of Literature. He was appointed Children’s Laureate for 2007-2009. Brian Simons is a teacher and illustrator who lives on Stamford Hill in London.


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