Tears of Honey and Gold

ISBN: 9780907123552

Format: Pamphlet, 40 pages,

Available (Published: December 2004)


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In Jacqueline Karp's first collection, Sudden Maraschinos, she brought together poems inspired by several Northern and East European countries. In this new collection she turns to Spain — marking its contours and its history, including the influence of the exiled Arab and Jewish populations. The author moves through the country, carefully commenting on what she sees.

"There are travel writers and travel poets; and I know which I prefer. Ms. Karp is a travel poet; she is also a traveller and a linguist. She is able to bring a reporter's veracity to her subjects, made special by her particular vision and style." - Michael Bengerter

Writing on Sudden Maraschinos, Katherine Gallagher remarked that Jacqueline Karp’s work is "stylistically adventurous, with journeys into other cultures, other voices. Karp’s poetry is a delight — distinguished by intelligence, toughness and lyrical grace."

About the Author

Jacqueline Karp lives in France. Her poetry has appeared in many magazines including The Reader, Penniless Press and The Journal.


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