Starkness At Noon

ISBN: 9780907123323

Format: Paperback, 218 pages,

Available (Published: November 1997)


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"How splendid that the thoughts of this funny/serious and essentially good man should be gathered up... If you are going to clone people, clone Richard Boston in overwhelming quantities - the world would be a better place" - George Melly

"...the off-beat erudition and the witty eccentricity make this a very enjoyable book" - Freedom

"The author stood for the European Parliament on the slogan 'It's a big trough and I want to get my nose in it.' 1018 people voted for him - but it was not enough. And so Europe lost the man who would have dined at our expense on the finest French cuisine and voted for anything that made the world a safer place for eccentrics, lovers of Biggles, nudists... and the postman who built a cathedral in his garden from scraps he found on his postal round" - The Guardian

"...deserves a prize for the best cover photograph - the author seated in a deckchair totally naked except for this laptop"
- The Spectator

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