ISBN: 9781905512881

Format: Paperback, 156 pages,

Available (Published: May 2010)


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How far would you go to be a hero? Beth is appalled when she discovers that her school is going to be closed down, against the wishes of the students and parents. Nate, the new boy, thinks that the students could take over the school and run it themselves, just as a protest. But things get out of hand and some of the other students have less than idealistic reasons for taking part in “the revolution”. Nate and Beth fall for one another, but will their teen love affair survive?

About the Author

Revolution is Sherry Ashworth’s ninth book for young adults. She has also written for younger children and has had several books for adults published. Her previous young adult books have won the North East Book Award, the Leicester Book of the Year Award and the South Lanarkshire Book Award. She teaches creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.


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