Making Plans for Nigel: A beginner’s guide to Farage and UKIP

ISBN: 9781910170199

Format: Paperback, 160 pages,

Available (Published: March 2015)


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Is Nigel Farage an anti-establishment figure or simply a more right-wing establishment figure than David Cameron? This book looks in detail at the politics and personalities of UKIP, the public announcements and the private gaffes.

This book aims to help the undecided – and maybe the decided – think twice about voting for UKIP. This timely book comes out when a Tory minority government propped up by a clutch of UKIP MPs is a possibility.

About the Author

Harry Paterson is a freelance journalist who writes about music for Bass Guitar Magazine, Classic Rock, Teamrock and others, and about politics for Sabotage Times. He has a wide following on social media. His previous book for Five Leaves, Look Back in Anger: Nottinghamshire in the Miners' Strike has become one of the key source books for anyone interested in the strike.


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