Follow A Shadow

ISBN: 9781905512867

Format: Paperback, 148 pages,

Available (Published: May 2010)


Book details

Tim South is fifteen and finding real life uncomfortable compared to his imagination. Hanging round with tough guys only makes things worse. At home he finds an old picture that looks like him and becomes obsessed with discovering who was in the picture, sparking off a life changing series of events.

"This wonderful book... makes adolescent problems real, the Brontës human, and book-reading delightful, in a style which is sustaining, intriguing, yet easy and memorable." - SCHOOL LIBRARIAN

"a fine yarn, full of humour, insight and well-observed detail" - TES

About the Author

Robert Swindells is a past winner of the Carnegie Medal, the Sheffield Children’s Book Award and he won the Children’s Book Award twice, with Brothers in the Land and Room 13. He lives on the Yorkshire Moors and is a full time writer.


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