Elegy for a Lost Bookshop: Nottingham’s Sisson & Parker in the 1970s

ISBN: 9781915434012

Format: Paperback, 32 pages,

Available (Published: January 2023)


Book details

A tender, irreverent memoir about Rod Madocks’ time as a staff member of one of Nottingham’s most famous bookshops—Sisson & Parker—a former city landmark and institution in its own right.
This fabulous establishment was once seemingly known to everyone in Nottingham but vanished in a maze of takeovers, finally closing as a bookshop in 2005.
Madocks evokes the atmosphere of what it was like to work there in that vivid, turbulent era of the early 1970s and looks back at not only a departed bookshop but also a lost version of his younger more hopeful self.

About the Author

Rod Madocks is the Nottingham-based author of two novels, a short story collection and the social commentary Our Tan: Memoir Of A Destroyed Life (2018). His most recent work is a celebration of the World War Two poet, Sidney Keyes: See You In Valhalla: A Centenary Tribute To Sidney Keyes (2022) and a memoir about his strange and scary African childhood: Muzungu: A Rhodesian Testament (2022).


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