ISBN: 9781905512713

Format: Paperback, 240 pages,

Out of print (Originally published: May 2009)


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Book details

Tony Barber finds the body of his best friend, Jimmy, in a river. At the funeral Tony meets Cora, who helps him follow clues, which indicate that Jimmy’s death was no accident.

Tony suspects that Jimmy’s uncle – Tom - holds vital information about the death. But, then Tom is found dead, by Tony and Cora…

When Cora leaves for England, these losses - compounded by guilt around Tom’s death - send Tony to find solace from the ‘Hermit on the Hill’,overlooking his village – Barley Cove.

A terrific novel by a writer unafraid to take on big issues.

A moving story of love and loss set in rural Ireland in the 1970s.

A novel of family secrets and lies for young adult readers

About the Author

Claire Tulloch is a graduate from the MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University. She now works in the NHS. This is her first novel, which draws on her Irish background.


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