Dictionary for the Idle

ISBN: 9781905512065

Format: Paperback, 194 pages,

Available (Published: May 2006)


Book details

Dictionary for the Idle includes chapters on:

Clocks and watches
Xenophobia... and all stops in between.

The Dictionary itself is Quixotic, giving little prominence to the important but providing scholarly essays on the unimportant. This is a book you can dip in to - get hooked, and flip from entry to entry. Many of the entries are allegorical - about living under the Franco dictatorship. Many of the entries are not.

About the Author

Joan Fuster was chair of Catalan literature in Valencia. During his lifetime he was burnt in effigy by fascists and survived a bombing at his house. In death, his grave was desecrated. He is still revered as Catalonia's premier essayist. Published in association with the Anglo-Catalan Society.


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