Curious Kentish Town

ISBN: 9781910170069

Format: Paperback, 64 pages,

Available (Published: December 2014)


Book details

This elegant publication visits over thirty remarkable locations within twenty minutes' stroll of Kentish Town station, and tells their curious stories. Anarchists, poets, exiles, artists, African revolutionaries, 1930s fascists, all have left their mark in and around NW5.

Do you know about the North London rent strike that inspired a Peggy Seeger song ... or the horse tunnels built under the canals ... or the spot where the long lost Fleet river breaks cover?

This book brings you the last hurrah of the 'beanfeast' ... a contemporary echo of the Crimea ... the most touching of First World War memorials. You can follow in the tracks of the old piano industry, come across the craziest of London's parish churches and hunt down a beery elephant's head.

The artist-designed map encourages readers to follow in the authors’ footsteps, across Kentish Town and around, from Regent's Park to Tufnell Park, from Camden Town to Dartmouth Park, exploring hidden nooks and crannies and the memorable tales attached to them.

All the locations are brought to life by stunning photographs, new and old, with expert design and layout throughout.

About the Author

Martin Plaut and Andrew Whitehead are both experienced journalists who have spent most of their career at the BBC World Service. Both have published extensively. Martin and Andrew have both lived in NW5 for decades.


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