City of Crime

ISBN: 9780907123125

Format: Paperback, 248 pages,

Available (Published: June 1997)


Book details

Crime short stories by Catherine Arnold, David Belbin, Robert Cordell. Michael Eaton, Raymond Flynn, John Harvey, HRF Keating, Robert McMinn, Stanlet Middleton, Peter Mortimer, Brendan Murphy, Julie Myerson, Frank Palmer, Alan Sillitoe and Keith Wright - all from the crime-writing city of Nottingham.

"...there's a lot more than simple villainy in this thoroughly varied but uniformly atmospheric collection" - Mail on Sunday

"...sure to be a collector's item" - Crime Time

About the Author

David Belbin is the author of many books for adults and young adults, including, for Five Leaves, The Pretender and, forthcoming, Student. Also by David Belbin: Dead Guilty, Dead Teachers Don't Talk


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