Beneath the Blue Sky: Four Decades of a Travelling Life in Britain

ISBN: 9781907869303

Format: Paperback, 256 pages,

Available (Published: March 2012)


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Dominic Reeve's Smoke in the Lanes is a classic account of the old days of horse-drawn Romani wagons, but Travelling people embraced a new world of motors and trailers as the old ways became impossible. Forty years after Smoke in the Lanes Dominic Reeve returned to writing, describing without rose-tinted glasses the way his community struggled to preserve its culture, survive and, if possible, thrive.

"In this fascinating and valuable book, Dominic Reeve once more offers an insight into the world of Travellers." - Roma Virtual Network

About the Author

Dominic Reeve is well past retirement age within the settled world, but continues to work, selling compost door to door. He wrote four books in the 1950s. Beneath the Blue Sky sold out in its first Five Leaves edition, and is now presented in a new edition. The author's early autobiography will shortly be published. His books can be read as social documents or simply as one Traveller's life during the last forty years.


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