When Joseph Met Molly: A Reader on Yiddish Film

ISBN: 9780907123927

Format: Paperback, 328 pages,

Available (Published: March 1999)


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"This excellent collection of essays... written by true enthusiasts... to illustrate the rich visual and cultural content of Yiddish cinema"' - Association of Jewish Libraries

"...a fascinating anthology which should appeal to anyone with an interest in Jewish history or film studies" - Jewish Chronicle

"...the first book on the subject of Yiddish films to be published in the UK and deserves a wide readership." Bimah

Published in association with the European Jewish Publication Society


Foreword - Arianne Ulmer Cipes
Yiddish film and the American experience - Joseph Cohen
The Jazz Singer and its reaction in Yiddish cinema - Eric Goldman
Joseph Green - Chaim Pevner
Ost und West: Old World and New - Jeffrey Shandler, New York University
Sunny Skies and Green Fields - Joel Finler
The Light Ahead - Sylvia Paskin
Freylachs on film - Michael Alpert, YIVO
The crooked road to Jewish luck - Barbara Alikhani
Nosn Bekher fort aheym: a Yiddish film for the Soviet homeland - Laura Greene
The only 'I' in the world: religion, psychoanalysis and the dybbuk - Ira Koningsberg, University of Michigan
The devil and Beethoven: convergent themes in Yiddish film and literature - Dafna Clifford, SOAS
Uncle Moses - Hannah Berliner Fischtal
The celluloid closet of Yiddish Film - Eve Sicular
Gender rebellion in Yiddish film - Eve Sicular
A century in the life of Sholem Aleichem's Tevye - Ken Frieden, Syracuse University
The Goskinds on Jewish life in Poland - Bryan Burns, University of Sheffield
Descendant dybbuks: Yiddish cinema and Hollywood - Alex Gordon, Spiro Institute
Nathan Altman - Joel Finle

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