Towns in Britain: Jones the Planner

ISBN: 9781907869822

Format: Paperback, 340 pages,

Available (Published: July 2014)


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Towns in Britain is an evocation and appreciation of our towns and cities and an evaluation of the changes which have shaped them over the last sixty years. Twenty-five places are covered, as diverse as Hackney and Glasgow, Lincoln and Letchworth and Coventry and Swansea.

On our journey we look at the architecture, townscape, urban design, housing and planning of great cities and disregarded places, illuminating their characters and qualities, their potential as well as their planning disasters.

About the Author

Adrian Jones was Director of Planning and Transport in Nottingham. He is a member of the National Design Review Panel for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Chris Matthews is a topographer and local historian who lectures in graphic design at Lincoln University. Both authors collaborate on the blog


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