Touching Distance

ISBN: 9781910170502

Format: Pamphlet, 24 pages,

Available (Published: November 2017)


Book details

Tim Youngs' debut poetry pamphlet, Touching Distance,  was commissioned as part of Five Leaves' fourth birthday celebrations and is the first in Five Leaves' new imprint "More Shoots More Leaves"

"Tim Youngs is more alert to the tricky matter of social distance, the space, as much intuited as physical, between individuals of different ethnicities, experiences, cultures, which he deftly touches on in several key poems of this slender, smartly-produced pamphlet, the first in a new enterprise from Nottingham’s Five Leaves. The poems are short, some indeed tending toward the terse side of brevity, but they are freighted with implication" - John Lucas

About the Author

Tim Youngs is Professor of English at Nottingham Trent University and the author of several books on travel writing. This is his first poetry collection.


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