The Stories In Between

ISBN: 9781915434111

Format: Pamphlet, 40 pages,

Available (Published: December 2023)


Book details

Teresa Forrest’s debut pamphlet, The Stories in Between, explores heritage, relationships and what it means to belong. Poems about family members are rooted, as are the people themselves, in the landscape around them. But there are also lonely people wandering across the pages, asking to be listened to. And there are glimpses into other people’s lives, showing us how they have been dislocated, and how profound loss has shaped some of them. What is left unspoken, the stories in between the poems, is as important as the message conveyed.

About the Author

Teresa Forrest is originally from a small town in Northern Ireland and has a degree in Sociology from Queen’s University, Belfast. She now lives in Nottinghamshire and is Secretary of Nottingham Poetry Society. Teresa’s writing is informed by the interpersonal connections between people, or what it means to be placed outside of that. Her poems have appeared in a variety of magazines including Iota, The Interpreter’s House, South and The North.


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