So We Live: The Novels of Alexander Baron

ISBN: 9781910170618

Format: Paperback, 160 pages,

Includes photographs

Available (Published: June 2019)


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The novelist Alexander Baron (1917-1999) was born into a working class Jewish home in Hackney, joined the Communist Party as a young man, saw the thick of battle in Sicily and Normandy, and became one of the most admired writers of post-war Britain. His first novel, From the City, From the Plough (1948), was acclaimed as the definitive novel of the Second World War, the first of a trilogy including There’s No Home (1950) and The Human Kind (1953). This was followed by a string of novels about working class life in post-war London, including The Lowlife (1963) a cult novel for many other writers ever since. In recent years his reputation has flourished with many of his fifteen novels back in print. This is the first detailed study of the man and his work.

About the Author

Susie Thomas has taught Baron’s novels for many years and is the reviews editor for The Literary London Journal. Andrew Whitehead is a journalist and historian, and the creator and moderator of the London Fictions website. Ken Worpole is a writer on architecture, landscape and public policy.


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