ISBN: 9780907123446

Format: Pamphlet, 48 pages,

Available (Published: December 2003)


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Racer is a dramatic poem set on the Isle of Man TT, the most famous, and most dangerous, motorcycle road-race circuit in the world. Here, The Racer screams his way round the roads, at speeds of up to 200mph, recounting his life and loves on and off the circuit, making one final attempt to be the champion.

Cover by Clifford Harper. Racer completes a set of three A6 books by Kevin Fegan, the others being Blast and Let Your Left Hand Sing.

"His verse is as tough, topical and streetwise as any disco rap"
- The Guardian

"Those lucky enough to catch Fegan's skillful delivery can bear witness to its effectiveness on the stage as well as the page"
- Manchester City Life

"Strong, lyrical writing, Fegan is really a promising writer"
- The Observer

"The most unpredictable and innovative voice in British theatre"
- UBU, European Theatre Magazine

Racer was first commissioned and broadcast on Radio 4, performed by Paul McGann

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