Graven Image

ISBN: 9781907869105

Format: Paperback, 120 pages,

Available (Published: March 2011)


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Brothel bouncer Leon shouldn’t be here. A week ago he stepped over the line, maiming a slap-happy VIP punter. But he can’t stay away. Not with his daughter Kelly being so young and vulnerable. If he can sort it out with Graven, take the kicking he knows he’ll get, maybe they can call it a debt paid. But when Kelly goes missing Leon realises what kind of debt is due.

"It knocks the wind out of you, reality does"

About the Author

Charlie Williams is the author of Stairway to Hell and the Mangel trilogy of books, set in Worcester, all published by Serpent’s Tail. His short stories have appeared in good crime magazines and his short film, Ark, appeared at Cannes (OK, in the short film section). He lives in Worcester and knows about sauce.


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