Gardens of Eden Revisited

ISBN: 9780907123330

Format: Paperback, 160 pages,

Available (Published: March 1999)


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"...a gossipy irresistible send-up of the Old Testament" - Vogue

"Michelene Wandor demonstrates her tremendous versatility as a writer. Strong on dialogue, the conversations between Eve, Lilith and God are compelling, witty and wise" - Poetry Quarterly Review

Lilith to Eve

I merely said 'no'.

That's when he gave me
his attention
for the first time

Fire and Ice: the world turned upside down (extract)


Today the world is turned upside down
today autumn creeps between stone and leaf
today I am haunted by a memory
a memory of carnival
a memory of May creeping between leaf and stone
into October

I remember Bacchus, the God of wine, riding through the city
on a cart drawn by white panthers
I remember a wedding with a bear as the groom
a fish buried with full military honours
a horse galloping backwards

I remember cities in the sky
the sun and moon turning cartwheels in the piazza
I remember the world turned upside down

I remember carnival

About the Author

Michelene Wandor is a playwright, musician, broadcaster and critic


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