Flood Warning

ISBN: 9780907123941

Format: Pamphlet, 36 pages,

Out of print (Originally published: December 2003)


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Book details

Flood Warning is about the melancholy and madness of love. It celebrates different aspects of woman, lover, child, friend and, in her most dangerous aspect, the moon.

Part two works on questions of identity, the making of community and the struggle of a London Jew to understand the war in Israel.

"These poems explore loving women: the risks, passions and sensuality play across the page. From moonstruck, magical and whimsical flood warning, to cautionary tales, celebratory, lustful, romantic and everyday. And also poems interrogating an easy belonging." - Dorothea Smartt

"Berta Freistadt's poems are passionate yet full of precise observations. In their haunting images she takes the reader to the places of her soul." - Peter Daniels Luczinski

"... awash with witches and bad girls...There's a wonderful energy at work... I love the frankness of these poems." - Poetry London

About the Author

Berta Freistadt is a Londoner of mixed heritage. Her poetry is published in anthologies, magazines and journals in the UK, Israel and the States and can also be seen somewhere on a London bus.


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