East of Aleppo: Bread, Bombs and Video Clips

by Brick

ISBN: 9781910170465

Format: Paperback, 36 pages,

Five Leaves Graphic Novel

Available (Published: June 2017)


Book details

This true story is based on an incident that wasn’t reported by our corporate media. When Daesh roll into a Syrian village east of Aleppo with truckloads of flour from US-AID and take over their bakery without a shot being fired, the locals are naturally concerned about what might follow.

Men from the village currently with rebel forces fighting in the city are called home by their cousins, recent deserters from Assad’s army, to liberate the facility. But they need arms. They have a sponsor in Saudi Arabia, but do they buy from Eastern European gunrunners or climb into bed with U.K. and American forces?

Meanwhile, the eyes in the sky operating from Nevada, Lincolnshire and somewhere in the Middle East are confused about just who is on the ground and where. When the attack finally comes, it is swift, devastating and symptomatic of the dense fog of that particular war.

About the Author

Brick is a political cartoonist, Hon. Assoc. Professor of Comics at the University of Nottingham and founder of Nottingham Does Comics. His work has consistently appeared in the alternative press in the UK, US and Europe, in publications by NGOs and trade unions, and in outdoor leisure magazines. He is the creator of the graphic novels 'Depresso' and 'The Curious Case of Leonardo's Bicycle', and was co-editor of and contributor to the double Eisner Award nominated 'To End All Wars'. As John Stuart Clark, he has contributed hundreds of articles to adventure magazines and written two prose travel books, several short stories and a radio play. He is a regular at book and comics festivals around the UK.


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