Bows Against the Barons

Illustrated by C. Walter Hodges

ISBN: 9781905512720

Format: Paperback, 154 pages,

Out of print (Originally published: June 2012)


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Book details

A children’s classic, illustrated by a Kate Greenaway award winning illustrator.

“He had killed one of the King’s deer!

A cold sweat started out on his forehead, where his hand left a smear of blood. He stood as though petrified, wondering what to do.

Everything in the forest was sacred to the King. To fell a tree was a crime, even to cut a branch. ... As for shooting one of the deer!... Only in the forest would he be safe. ...Fold said it was full of outlaws, old soldiers who had no work, escaped serfs and men who had broken the law...”

A rousing tale of Robin Hood – the clash of rich and poor in medieval England.

"A seminal work of socialist literature for children… an inspirational read" - Allan Gibbons

About the Author

Geoffrey Trease wrote more than 90 books, his first, Bows against the Barons, being published in 1934. His books were translated into 20 languages. He was Chair of the Society of Authors and a member of the Royal Society of Literature.


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