Blast: a dramatic poem

ISBN: 9780907123392

Format: Pamphlet, 48 pages,

Available (Published: November 2002)


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Life is a good fire
around which stories are told
and, in the end, when the fire goes out;
all we are left with is words

Kevin Fegan explores the poetry to be found in heavy industry - and it doesn't come much heavier than steel. Blast is the fictional tale of a retired steelworker from the Templeborough melting shop in South Yorkshire. After 40 years of dirt and graft, laughter and sweat, he is determined to enjoy retirement, even if it kills him.

"Kevin Fegan is a poet and a playwright with a capacity for sympathetic identification and a taste for tough, complex issues."
- The Guardian

"Fegan runs ever faster to keep his work at the leading edge of contemporary life" - The Independent

"Britain's most innovative playwright" - Plays International

Blast was firstbroadcast on Radio 4, then performed live over a week at Manchester Poetry Festival before going on national tour.

About the Author

Playwright and poet, Kevin Fegan has written over thirty plays for the stage, several plays for BBC Radio 4 Drama, two short films and several volumes of poetry, plus a spell as a storyline writer for Coronation Street. Kevin is a regular performer of his own poetry at live readings and on national radio and television. He is co-founder of Lonesome Trail Pictures and Big Theatre Company.


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