Are You Still Circumcised? East End Memories

introduction by Michael Rosen

ISBN: 9781910170373

Format: Paperback, 190 pages,

New edition

Available (Published: October 2016)


Book details

A collection of autobiographical stories about growing up in the Jewish East End in the 1930s, bringing to life an immigrant generation's abrasive encounter with the anglicising power of schooling. The collection includes accounts of his Jewish Communist family's conflicts with authority, and combating fascists at the Battle of Cable Street. This edition includes a new introduction by Harold’s son, well-known poet and children’s writer Michael Rosen.

About the Author

Harold Rosen was an American-born British educationalist who lived for most of his life in the UK. He was a Communist activist in the 1930s; after World War II, he became an English teacher and later a teacher trainer, and he played an important part in debates and developments in the fields of language teaching and primary education in the 1960s and 1970s.


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