A Princess Comes to Our Town

ISBN: 9781910170519

Format: Hardback, 120 pages,

Includes 12 colour Illustrations

Forthcoming (Due: June 2019)


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Book details

Princess Finestra doesn’t want to marry the boring prince her mother and father, the Fairy King and Queen, have chosen for her. She wants to have adventures in Real Life, so her godmother arranges for her to be transported to Nottingham’s Market-place, where she meets the narrator of the story. They have many adventures together... but who is the strange young man who keeps getting them out of trouble?

This delightful fairy-tale was first published in 1927, when the Council House was being built and the statue of Queen Victoria still stood in Market Square. It will appeal to children and adults alike.

About the Author

Rose Fyleman was born in Nottingham in 1877 and died in London in 1957. Her books were hugely popular and her work still regularly appears on fairy-related sites on the internet. Few are those who do not recognise the line “There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!”


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