Willow Pattern

by Penny Feinstein

Penny Feinstein’s poetry is almost English and almost rural. Somewhere just out of view lie other worlds and uneasy histories. Feinstein’s t …

Out of print (Originally published: December 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512287


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by Anna Woodford

“Dad has always driven slowly as though he has always been dragging this trailer full of loose ends from his childhood that he can’t let go” …

Out of print (Originally published: November 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512317


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Ghost Writer

by Andy Croft

Ghost Writer is a literary detective-story featuring a cast of assorted ghosts, spies, poets, bad drivers and hopeless lovers. It’s a verse- …

Available (Published: October 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512386


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On A Bat’s Wing: Poems About Bats

by Michael Baron

Bats have had a bad press. Yet they snaffle bugs by the thousand And carefully clean their babies’ faces. Catriona O’Reilly, A Lecture upon …

Available (Published: August 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512270


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Speaking English

edited by Andy Croft

This is not a book about John Lucas (although he has a walk-on role in several of these poems), but one which seeks to address the subjects …

Available (Published: May 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512126


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Not Just A Game: Sporting Poems

edited by Andy Croft, Sue Dymoke

Mohammed Ali used to write poetry. Shelley and Wordsworth wrote poems about mountain-climbing. Byron wrote poems about swimming. The best at …

Available (Published: December 2006)
ISBN: 9781905512133


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By Heart – Uit Het Hoofd

edited by Victoria Briggs

Jan-Willem Anker Maria Barnes Sarah Corbett Antony Dunn Daljit Nagra Mustafa Stitou Edited by Victoria Briggs By Heart – Uit Het Hoofd is a …

Available (Published: October 2006)
ISBN: 9781905512225


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Poetry: The Nottingham Collection

edited by John Lucas

Poetry: the Nottingham collection includes 52 contributors, all living, born or otherwise connected with Nottinghamshire. A companion volume …

Out of print (Originally published: November 2005)
ISBN: 9780907123231


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The Silver Throat of the Moon: Writing in Exile

edited by Jennifer Langer

Refugees and asylum seekers are rarely out of the headlines, or political debate, but only rarely do people in exile have the opportunity to …

Available (Published: May 2005)
ISBN: 9780907123651


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Tears of Honey and Gold

by Jacqueline Karp

In Jacqueline Karp’s first collection, Sudden Maraschinos, she brought together poems inspired by several Northern and East European countri …

Available (Published: December 2004)
ISBN: 9780907123552


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