Crime Fiction

The Okinawa Dragon

by Nicola Monaghan

Jack deals in cardboard, selling expensive and rare gaming cards to rich collectors. He makes plenty of money, travelling the world. He meet …

Available (Published: June 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512393


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Trouble in Mind

by John Harvey

Jack Kiley, a professional footballer turned private investigator, is hired to track down a solider who has gone missing while on leave from …

Available (Published: October 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512256


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The Mentalist

by Rod Duncan

Enthusiasts call Harry Gysel a psychic. To others he is a fraud, a meddler in the occult. When he appears to predict the death of a woman in …

Available (Published: September 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512263


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City of Crime

by David Belbin

Crime short stories by Catherine Arnold, David Belbin, Robert Cordell. Michael Eaton, Raymond Flynn, John Harvey, HRF Keating, Robert McMinn …

Out of print (Originally published: June 1997)
ISBN: 9780907123125


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