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edited by Ross Bradshaw

…Novels Gillian Darley – Ian Nairn and Jack Kerouac: On the Road Roberta Dewa – Wilford: An English Village in the 1950s John Lucas – Uprisings in the South West…

Available (Published: August 2011)
ISBN: 9781907869242


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Reading Room Only: Memoir of a Radical Bibliophile

by Phil Cohen

…is a long way from setting fire to books as part of a John Latham “event” but, as a child, a drop-out and a professor, Phil Cohen’s life has always…

Available (Published: April 2013)
ISBN: 9781907869785


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A Brief History of Whistling

by Allan Chatburn, John Lucas

Whistling has been used for communication, including secret communication, work, entertainment and self-expression. This book is inspired by the comment “You never hear anyone whistling nowadays”. True, but…

Available (Published: November 2013)
ISBN: 9781907869990


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Catalans and Others

by John Payne

The current claims for independence in Catalonia raise new questions about how Catalan-speaking people view their own past and future. The book covers the Catalan-speaking areas of Roussillon…

Available (Published: February 2016)
ISBN: 9781910170243


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These Seven

by Alan Sillitoe, Alison Moore, Brick, John Harvey, Megan Taylor, Paula Rawsthorne, Shreya Sen Handley

…These Seven Nottingham writers cover a lot of ground. John Harvey visits his traditional world of crime with a story more domestic than usual, Megan Taylor spends time in…

Available (Published: May 2015)
ISBN: 9781910170205


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Next Year Will Be Better

by John Lucas

The 1950s are often seen as the “grey decade”, marred by austerity, rationing and conformity. True, but Next Year Will Be Better also tells of skiffle, jazz, CND,…

Available (Published: November 2011)
ISBN: 9781907869297


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Mansfield Tales

by Malcolm Seymour

…never far away. These are people who walked the streets of Mansfield: blunt, plain-speaking John Cockle; poor, simple-minded Robin Down; young, innocent Bessie Sheppard. In Mansfield Tales they come to…

Available (Published: November 1999)
ISBN: 9780907123132


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East of Aleppo: Bread, Bombs and Video Clips

by Brick

This true story is based on an incident that wasn’t reported by our corporate media. When Daesh roll into a Syrian village east of Aleppo with truckloads of…

Available (Published: June 2017)
ISBN: 9781910170465


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The Mentalist

by Rod Duncan

Enthusiasts call Harry Gysel a psychic. To others he is a fraud, a meddler in the occult. When he appears to predict the death of a woman in…

Available (Published: September 2007)
ISBN: 9781905512263


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by Ray Banks

Richie, a man fresh out on licence and desperate for money to support his new family, agrees to pick up a converted air pistol for local drug dealer…

Available (Published: November 2008)
ISBN: 9781905512522


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